Overcooked - Games for Xbox One for couple

Here is a list of Xbox One best games perfect for lazy days indoors. Those games are designed for couples: you can play them with your BF, GF, or BFF released in 2020.


Overcooked - Games for Xbox One for couple
Overcooked – Games for Xbox One for couple

On paper, Overcooked may sound mundane. You (and up to 4-players) manage a kitchen, preparing food orders and filling recipes. The truth, however, is that this frantic cooking sim is far from ordinary. Players will be running across a variety of stages trying to keep up with orders.

The wacky kitchens range from the back of a moving truck to a pirate ship. The game constantly throws curveballs at you as you try to keep food from burning and customers happy. Within minutes, you and your partner will be shouting orders at each other and trying to keep everything from falling apart. There are few co-op experiences that are this exhilarating.

Rocket League

Rocket League - Games for Xbox One for couple
Rocket League- Games for Xbox One for couple

The best way to describe Rocket League is “car soccer”, but in truth, it is so much more. The tight controls and techniques make this game a ballet of flying cars and soccer balls.

Players will need to score on each other’s nets, using their car to hit the balls across one of the many stages. The premise is simple but this is a game that can suck up hours of your time without you even noticing. It is pure, unadulterated fun and you can play split-screen!

A way out

A Way Out - Games for Xbox One for couple
A way out- Games for Xbox One for couple

In A Way Out, you and your partner will take control of Vincent and Leo, two criminals with a troubled past. Set in the 1970s, this two-player adventure is designed entirely with co-op play in mind.

You will need to work together to escape prison using cooperative movements and simultaneous quick-time events. By the end of your adventure, both of you will be invested in Vince and Leo’s tragic tale making this title a perfect choice for game night.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse - Games for Xbox One for couple
Ultimate Chicken Horse- Games for Xbox One for couple

To conclude the Best Xbox One Games for Couples in 2020, Ultimate Chicken Horse, is a diabolical competitive platformer where you design the hazards. This title has a variety of creative and competitive modes available locally or online, allowing you to make all sorts of dangerous platforming races for you and your loved ones to navigate.


In conclusion, those are some of the games I played with my partner and I found very funny. If you stay at home for a while, you have the opportunity to fight and have fun. I think those are the best Xbox One Games for Couples in 2020. If you have any suggestions, please use the forum.

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