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Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

“While Artificial Intelligence is poised to change many industries radically, the technology is well suited to manufacturing.” – Andrew Ng, Creator of the deep-learning Google Brain Project and adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a fast-growing sector in computing. Science fictions give the impression that…

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Microsoft will replace journalists with AI

Microsoft will replace journalists with news-savvy artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft has announced that it will be axing its team of journalists that work for Artificial intelligence will perform these news production tasks, sources told the Seattle Times. The tech giant contracts several dozen journalists to select and curate news stories that appear on MSN. That…

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Python programming language

Microsoft: new free Python programming language courses are for novice AI developers

Aspiring data-science and machine-learning developers now have more Microsoft-made free video tutorials to learn how to build software in Python, one of today’s most popular and versatile programming languages.  The new More Python for Beginners series consists of 20 videos that run between two minutes and 15 minutes each. It covers working with files, lambdas or ‘anonymous functions’,…

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