First Advertise on Sidebar (days)

First Advertise on Sidebar (days)


Available ad types

  • Plain Text and Code
  • Image Ad

You will be able to submit the ad content after the purchase.

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If you are looking for a great visibility for tour products or website, our first advertise on the sidebar is quite popular. Every visitor can see it and click on it.

So, this is an exciting time! We are updating PureSourceCode and we want to improve the quality of the posts and give more services! For that, we need to find a way to make some money. If you want to help us, you can place your advertise in our blog in the side bar for a short while or a bit longer.

We offer a lot of different places and solutions for your banner. Please consider to support us.

Advertising on the PureSourceCode

Placements on PureSourceCode are pre-defined places in our blog that you can use in order to display your ads. Here the list of placements.

Advertise Before Content
Before Content

Injects the ad before the content of the post or page.

Advertise After Content
After Content
Injects the ad after the content of the post or page.
Advertise Content

Injects the ad into the content of posts and other public pages. You can also select the index of the paragraph or headline after or before which the ad should be displayed.

Advertise Sidebar Widget
Sidebar Widget

Injects the ad into widgets to display it in the sidebar or in the footer.

Advertise Random Paragraph place ad on random position
Random Paragraph

Injects the ad after a random paragraph in the main content. It is meant to fight ad blindness.

Advertise Above Headline
Above Headline

Injects the ad before the main headline (h1) on singular pages.

Advertise Content Middle
Content Middle

Injects the ad in the middle of the content – based on the paragraphs.

Advertise Custom Position
Custom Position

Attach the ad to any element in the frontend. This placement includes a frontend picker which helps you to select the element in the frontend without any coding.

Advertise Post Lists
Post Lists

Display the ad between posts on post lists, e.g. home, categories, archives, search.

Advertise Background Ads Placement for background ads
Background Ads

Display the ad in the page background (skin ad).

Advertise Ad Server
Ad Server
Display ads on other websites.
Advertise Header Bar


Header Bar

The Header Bar placement is fixed at the top of your page and not moving away when users scroll down. It is not only interesting for ads but for navigations, internal promotions or any kind of content you want to have fixed on top.

Advertise Footer Bar
Footer Bar

The Footer Bar placement is practically the same as the Header Bar. It is a very common use case for the Sticky Ads add-on and can perform very well.

advertise sidebar on
Left Sidebar

The Left Sidebar allows you to attach an ad to your content box. You can also define whether this ad should stay put while users are scrolling down or not and to adjust the main content element just in case it is not recognized by the plugin automatically.

Advertise Right Sidebar
Right Sidebar

The Right Sidebar works exactly like the Left Sidebar allowing you to inject an ad on the right side of your main container. Here we place the this first advertise on side bar (monthly).

Advertise Left Bar
Left Bar

The Left Bar is similar to the Sidebar Ads. The difference is that they are not attached to the main content box, but the browser window. You can also select whether to fix the ad to the screen or let it be scrolled away.

Advertise Right Bar
Right Bar

The Right Bar is similar to the Left Bar attached to the browser window. You can also select whether to fix the ad to the screen or let it be scrolled away.

Advertise PopUp and Layer ads
PopUp and Layer ads

Create a PopUp or Layer with an ad or any other type of content. This placement comes with different effects like showing up after scrolling or when a user wants to leave. You can also activate a close button and a timeout. 

Wireframe of the home page

We want to give you a better idea where your advertise can be shown. Now, in the following image you have the wireframe of our website. A website wireframe, also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.

Wireframe HomePage
Wireframe HomePage

As you can see, at the top of the home page there is a carousel and on the right side 3 tabs for the most popular posts. Underneath, two columns: on the left the latest posts with an image, related tags, the title and a synopsis. On the right the sidebar. There are some ads units here:

  1. Before content ads
  2. Advertise on Sidebar: we offer 3 different version for this advertise:
  3. Between posts on the home page
  4. Sidebar in second and third positions

Wireframe of a page with a post

Although the home page is the most common page visitors see, in our blog there are a lot of posts. The post page has some placements for adverts too. Take a look at the wireframe below. As before, the sidebar is the the same. Now, the content is the important part of this page. After the first paragraph, there is the first placement where you advertise has the maximum visibility. After this one, other placement is at the bottom of the post.

Wireframe Post Page
Wireframe Post Page
  1. Advertise on Sidebar: we offer 3 different version for this advertise:
  2. Middle content after the first paragraph
  3. Sidebar in second and third positions
  4. Bottom of the post after the comment


Every week we send a weekly update to all registered users. So, the number of registered users is now more that 25000. If you want to add your ads in our newsletter, please use the contact form.

More options

In conclusion, we can offer advertise in our newsletter or other sites such as QuarantineCultureClub. For any questions, please use the contact form.