How to check if IsNumeric?

If you need to check if something is a number, in C# doesn’t exist a function for that. That I’ve created the following code. public bool IsNumeric(object Expression) { if (Expression == null || Expression is DateTime) return false; if (Expression is Int16 || Expression is Int32 || Expression is Int64 || Expression is Decimal…

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Creating a URL shortener using ASP.NET WepAPI and MVC: implementing the business layer

In my previsious post I discussed the first implementation of this application. In this post I’m explained how to implement the business layer. First of all you make sure the Business project references the Data, Entities and Exceptions projects. In the Exceptions project you add two new classes: ShorturlConflictException using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq;…

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Agile Wallpaper

Agile approaches

There are a number of specific Agile approaches, as well as a generic agile style of working. Extreme Programming is a software development methodology, containing mainly programming practices such as Test Driven Development, Pair programming and Continuous Integration, but little management. Lean, which came from the manufacturing environment, is all about efficient processes. The focus…

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